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About us

Ikseed was built to empower gyms to give their members the best possible experience through customized engagement and actionable analytics insights. Our goal is to help gyms leverage technology to improve retention and drive more revenue in the process.

Founded by a team of professional athletes with a background in Fitness, Technology and Harvard graduates, Ikseed was built on the belief that health club members deserve more.

We believe millions of people around the world are not reaching their goals, not because they don’t have the drive, but because of the massive disconnect between what members need and what gyms provide.

Whether they want to lose weight, make friends, or simply improve their overall health, we want to help you help them. By leveraging data, going mobile and creating personalized experiences for your members, your members will be more active, motivated, and stay with your club longer.

Our analytics and operations solution was designed with the modern-day gym owner in mind, and we continue to work with clubs closely to give health clubs the resources to impact the lives of their community.

Let’s increase your members lifetime value! 


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