10 You Must Do in 2020

New year, new opportunities and new members. But what will you do differently in 2020 to acquire more members and retain them longer?

If you run a gym/fitness studio and are happy with your results, then this article is not for you. But if you see new business opportunities and financial upside with some light measures at your gym - then read on.

In recent years we have been working on to uncover what characterizes the fitness studios that will succeed in the future. One of the things we keep coming back to is, personal trainers.

Personal trainers are one of the most important factors in reducing dropout rates. For a member, having a personal trainer has tremendous value. Not only does a personal trainer help the member get in a better shape, but members who have a personal trainer more often succeed with the training and stay longer at the gym. For many, the trainers are viewed as the face of your gym.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for you, not many fitness studios utilize their personal trainers to the maximum. This gives you an opportunity to work on improving your product offering and win over your competitors!

Today we all walk around with a phone in our pocket and we spend much of our day on these devices. Nevertheless, there are only few gyms that actively use apps in their efforts to retain members and increase members lifetime value. Here lies a tremendous opportunity, a gold mine for those gym operators who want to win big.

If you want to win in 2020 and beyond, you should look at the opportunities to use personal trainers and technology to reduce the amount of members leaving you.

Here are the top 10 recommendations to succeed in 2020

1. Personal Trainers should be able to communicate easily with the members by using digital solutions and comply with the rules of GDPR. Today, many personal trainers communicate via SMS, Facebook Messenger and email. You want to avoid this and have the two parties use your own digital solution.

2. You have to make it easier for trainers sell their expertise.

3. You have to make it easy for members to see what all the trainers can help them with.

4. You need to connect your members to the trainers smoothly.

5. It's not enough to tell members "you get a free session with a trainer". Members should see the benefits of having trainer in a more "user friendly" way. Showcase the success stories members have had when using trainer at your gym.

6. Each and every trainer should be a seller, or at least have sales knowledge and use digital tools to make their job easier. These tools should be provided and owned by you.

7. You must understand your members goals before referring them to trainers.

8. Use your personal trainers as influencers. These are already known in your local community and can be an important contributor to member growth at your gym.

9. Think customer journey, customer journey, customer journey.

10. Think Digital! Digital! Digital!

In 2020, you should use digital tools to win over more members and increase trainer usage. At a time when all the health clubs are running for the same members, you will be a step ahead if you understand the members you have today and find good ways to sell trainer.

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