The Secret Sauce to Your Gym's Success

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As a health club owner, working to provide the best experience possible for your members is crucial for your long term success.  From maintaining your club and keeping it clean to investing in the latest gym equipment, your club members want to feel as if their investment is worth the cost. 

Unfortunately, many clubs today neglect to invest in one of the most important components of any successful gym. 

Personal trainers. 

Your Members Need A Helping Hand

The truth is, more often than not, most people join your gym, not knowing much about how to optimize their fitness routine. Many don’t know where to start. Should they lift weights? Do cardio? Something in between? 

One of the most effective ways to increase the overall satisfaction of your club is by offering a personal training service to help them get started. Whether they want to lose a few pounds or get in shape for an upcoming marathon, that extra one on one attention goes a long way. Not only will offering personal training improve their experience, but many members are also happy to invest in the additional cost if it helps them get closer to their goals. 

Personal Trainers Hold Them Accountable 

While most people join a gym with every intention of going regularly, life often gets in the way. 

Having personal trainers on staff provides an unparalleled amount of accountability for members looking to stick to a long term fitness plan.

Most people join the gym excited, only to stop going just a few weeks in. A personal trainer helps ensure your members come to your gym regularly, and as a result, their results will often be significantly better. There’s no better testimonial than one of your members seeing the results in a mirror after just a few months of work. 

One of the main reasons members stop going to the gym is because they begin getting bored with the same routine. Because many of your members aren’t experts in health and fitness, they perform the same exercises over and over again. After a certain point, they may get tired of the same routine. Personal trainers give you the ability to customize each of your member's experience, which of course will help keep them engaged and seeing progress.  

They Offer Unique Insights You Otherwise Might Miss

At Ikseed, we are big fans of tracking data to help improve your experience. Personal trainers are a great way to get a real-time pulse on how happy your members are. Do they keep getting complaints about not having enough treadmills? Do they want to see more group classes? Personal trainers can help you better understand the needs of your gym members so you can invest in the areas that will see the most results. 

Every gym needs personal trainers to advise, guide, and help current and new members. 

Without a doubt, personal trainers can be a huge factor to increase retention and members lifetime value if used in the right way. 

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