Who Is Your Ideal Member?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Relying too much on the age of your members 

While it may be tempting to make club decisions solely based on the age of your members, doing so can put you at a serious disadvantage in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The key problem with relying on age as a lead metric to make decisions is that it often doesn’t paint the entire picture. For example, 70% of your members may be considered millennials, while 30% of your members may be older.

Making decisions purely on age could upset or lessen the experience of a large portion of your members. Age is a part of the equation, yes, but ultimately the experience you deliver involves many more factors.  When making decisions, go beyond just age and look to base your actions off a holistic view of your ideal member.

Falling into the gender trap

It’s certainly true that gender does play a role in what a member may want from your health club, relying too heavily on gender stereotypes can be a big mistake.

Women in general may like Zumba classes more than men, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should ignore the men at your health club who also want to enjoy Zumba classes. Knowing your members exact wants and needs regardless of their gender will help you make better decisions. 

Theories and guesses are good for getting started, but you should always make your decisions based on real-world data. The only way to do that is to use a personalized digital solution and make a commitment to track the metrics that matters for your health club. 

Not relying on a wide range of data

Data is only as useful as you make it.

Health clubs receive tons of data from both hardware and gym software management solutions. The challenge is getting all of that data in one place, and spending time understanding how to interpret and utilize it. 

Are you confident you know what your members need? Or are you investing in classes and workout equipment based off a “quick view on some data”?

Your ideal member is found by looking at multiple factors such as age, gender, interests, goals, needs, activities, engagement level, behavior and much more. Getting to know your members on a meaningful level is an investment of your time, and doing so can dramatically improve the effectiveness of how you run your club. 

Using a tech solution that allows you to understand your members in a single place can help set you up for long term success. You want to be able to understand the needs of your members at each location, as different locations often have different needs.

This is also Ikseed’s core fitness tech solution. Schedule a free personalized demo to find your ideal member.

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