Fitness chain EVO rolls out retention app


by Morten Kristiansen -


Together with the Norwegian fitness tech startup Ikseed, EVO wants to increase the activity among its more than 30,000 members in Norway.

Since its opening in 2009, EVO has been a fitness chain that has emphasized digital technology. To win the competition for members of the fitness industry, EVO is "all in" on technology, according to a press release. 


Earlier this year, EVO launched a pilot project at one of its 40 location - Sjølyst, focusing on getting members to succeed and increase engagement. In their new app, members can access gym via app, get personalized content and workout tips, create their own exercise program, and communicate directly with personal trainers and book sessions.

- After the app was rolled out among our members at EVO Sjølyst, we have seen an increase in engagement, which we are very pleased with. And the insight also shows about 20 percent daily engagement inside and outside the gym where members use our solution, says EVO CEO Morten Hellevang.

Will roll out to all of its locations 


- We waited a long time to create an app because we didn't want to create one until we had the "killer functionality": one where you can use it to get in and out of the gym. Then we know that it’ll be used, Hellevang tells


Now the plan is to roll out the app both nationally and in Europe. 


- What is the timetable for this? 


- We hope that we will be next year. We take it easy and carefully, center by center and country by country, says Hellevang. 


- Did you break the retention code with this app? 


- That's one of the many measures we take to break that code. The answer is probably not solely the app.

Full focus on one customer 


The app is provided by the Norwegian fitness technology startup Ikseed who started by helping athletes such as Olympian Henrik Ingebrigtsen and the world champion Anine Ahlsand. 


The app has subsequently evolved to become a full-fledged technology solution for fitness centers to retain members, according to the press release. 


"Our vision is to help as many people as possible get more physically active." says founder Abdi Guleed of Ikseed. After working for over a year on a marketplace for athletes to provide their services , Guleed, through the collaboration with EVO, found that helping fitness studios succeed was the best way to accomplish their vision.


- What does it mean for a small company to get a customer like EVO? 


- That means everything! We have been working with EVO since the beginning of 2019, and have focused only on them. We haven’t reached out to new clients, as we wanted to take our time to deliver results. 

Huge ambitions going forward
- Are you locked to EVO or is the solution also open to others?
- No, we're not locked to EVO. On the contrary. But we focused on one customer first. Now we are ready to help other chains and gyms.

- What are Ikseed's ambitions going forward?


- The target is 10,000 fitness center customers, Guleed states - adding that in the agreement with EVO they have not focused on the financials but rather deliver a great solution.


- We are fortunate that we get to work with the third-largest player in Norway, who also operates in other European countries. The goal has been to work with EVO as a partner, learn the market - and then we can think about the financials from 2020 onwards.